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It’s easy to take our feet for granted. When everythings working well, we spend little time thinking about them. When something goes wronghowever, it quickly becomes obvious how vital our feet are to nearly everything we do.  Studies show that 75 percent of us will experience problems with our feet at some point in our lives.

When this happens, thousands of Nebraskans have turned to Dr. Sylvia Trotter, owner of Complete Family Foot Care. Dr. Trotter trained at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and Des Moines University, and she has owned a clinic in Lincoln since 2009.

I focus on the conservative side of treatment. That means I try to find solutions, ways to relieve pain, ways to help people function better, without surgery,” Dr. Trotter explains. Educating my patients about their condition is also extremely important to me. I spend a lot of time listening, but I also take time to help my patients understand what is causing their pain and why I am suggesting a particular plan of action. Its something my patients really appreciate.

Dr. Trotter was drawn to medicine out of a desire to help others and improve their lives. She became interested in podiatry after talking with people who worked in the field. They talked about the variety in their jobs, the relationships they built with patients, and how they were able to relieve pain relatively quickly. All of those things were really attractive to me,” she shares.

As a podiatrist, Dr. Trotter specializes in treating a variety of ailments affecting the foot and ankle. The problems she most commonly sees are ingrown toenails, heel pain, and toenail fungus. Ingrown toenails can be treated with a simple in-office procedure that temporarily or permanently removes the affected nail areas. For heel pain, Dr. Trotter typically performs an exam, takes an x-ray, and makes an ink impression of the foot to identify areas of pressure.

She treats many cases of toenail fungus with a combination of oral medications and topical and laser treatments. Dr. Trotter is proud to use the Noveon NaiLaser, an FDA-approved medical laser that was developed solely for treating toenail fungus. It uses special light energy, rather than heat energy, to painlessly treat the fungus. Were having great results. One of my patients drives out from Omaha to use it,”  Dr. Trotter says. Its exciting. There arent many of these lasers out there.

Other common conditions that Dr. Trotter treats include bunions, corns, calluses, heel spurs, and warts. You dont have to just live withthese conditions, she says. People think, ‘Well, my mother had this; this is just the way it is.But it doesnt have to be!Dr. Trotter affirms. Youll be surprised at how much better your feet will feel with those things cleared up.

Dr. Trotter also helps her patients with good shoe selection. Many shoe shoppers focus on brands, but that approach can steer you wrong, she says. Different models of shoes are made for different types of feet.You need to know what type of foot you have, which I can show you,” Dr. Trotter explains. Once you know that, Ill refer you to a store with staff who can match you up with the right shoe.

Patients of Dr. Trotters are extremely loyal, praising her skill as well as her bedside manner. She knows what shes doing. If you need someone to look at your feet, go to her,” says Stephanie Watson, whose son, Christian, suffered from a painful ingrown toenail. They had visited their family doctor repeatedly to no avail. It was an immense relief for her family to finally find a solution for her sons problem. We went in for our first visit with Dr. Trotter, and Christian was dreading it, because appointments with our family doctor were so painful. But when Dr. Trotter numbed his toe, he didnt even feel it. She fixed the problem in two minutes. It was amazing,” Stephanie shares. She adds that her coworkers have heard her talk about what a wonderful experience it was, and when they have foot problems of their own, they ask her, “Where was it that you took Christian? I want to go there.

The relief of pain and anxiety for her patients is very rewarding to Dr. Trotter. I love hearing patients say, ‘This was so much easier than I expected,’” she says. Its all about allowing them another experience in the medical field that is positive.


Complete Family Foot Care is located at 1001 South 70th Street, Suite 105, in Lincoln. To schedule an appointment, call 402-423-0762. For more information, please visit WE

Written by Renae Blum 

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