A Word from the Doctor

The World of Podiatry

Advances in podiatry have created a few distinct categories of practice styles.  I describe them as follows:

“Flashy” podiatry: This is heavily weighted toward surgery and deals with foot reconstruction, trauma, and advanced limb salvage techniques.


“Sexy” podiatry: That might sound like an oxymoron, but this area of podiatry focuses on the cosmetic side of foot care. 


“Nuts-and-bolts” variety: This includes treatment of basic foot problems that would otherwise slow the average person down.

My practice falls heavily into the “nuts-and-bolts” variety with a splash of “sexy”.  

Common foot problems treated in my clinic include

  • Chronic ingrown toenails
  • Persistent foot rash and skin lesions
  • Stubborn foot pain
  • Worsening fungal nail infections
  • Sore, swollen toes or foot joints
  • Chronic foot instability

The daily grind

My work tasks involve a lot of toenail dust, but occasionally a patient comes in with a puzzle to solve. I am an inquisitive and logical person. As a result, I ask a lot of questions and listen for clues that will point to an answer in cases where a solution has perhaps otherwise been elusive. 

Once a diagnosis has been found, my first inclination is to head toward the least complicated treatment option that will provide a satisfactory outcome. If that is unsuccessful, more complex or expensive treatments can always be pursued.

One of my personal strengths is that of teaching. I enjoy taking complicated information and presenting it in a way that is understandable to those without training in the medical field. Once a patient has that light-bulb moment of understanding the underlying problem, they are more likely to be an active participant in their foot health and outcomes improve. That’s always the goal.