Did my heel spur go away?

Doctors commonly find heel spurs when taking x-rays for heel pain. And it seems like a reasonable assumption that the spur causes pain.  This leaves patients wondering where the spur went when their pain gets better. Did it go away? The short answer is, “No, your heel spur did not go away.” Without knowing it, Read More …


Toenails ~ When to get Professional Help

It can be difficult to know when it’s time to turn to a professional for help with your toenails.  But getting the right help at the right time ensures the optimum health for you and your toenails.  Common Problems with Toenails Toenail Thickness: Sometimes nail thickness is the unavoidable result of the aging process. However, it Read More …


Avoiding Summer Heel Pain

While the warm temperatures tempt us to expose our toes with cute flip flops or sandals, doing so has been known to cause the onset of heel pain. Making good footwear choices can keep you going all summer long without pain. Impact of foot type on heel pain: As you can see in the picture Read More …


Providing Relief and Compassionate Care

  It’s easy to take our feet for granted. When everything’s working well, we spend little time thinking about them. When something goes wrong, however, it quickly becomes obvious how vital our feet are to nearly everything we do.  Studies show that 75 percent of us will experience problems with our feet at some point in Read More …


Ingrown Toenails in Adolescents

If your adolescent is complaining of pain in one or more toes, it may be an ingrown toenail. There are numerous causes for ingrown toenails. While it is sometimes true that it begins after the nail is cut wrong, many times that is not the case. It may be caused by pressure from shoes- such as Read More …


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