Fall Prevention

Are you at risk for falling?

  • Have you fallen or nearly fallen in the past year?
  • Do you have arthritis in your feet or ankles?
  • Have you lost feeling in your feet?
  • Do your legs or ankles feel weak or unsteady?

Improved Stability

New technology is available to keep you active and independent! The Moore Balance Brace (MBB) addresses muscle weakness and gait instability and has been proven to reduce the risk of falls.*

The MBB…

  • Stabilizes the foot in the presence of weakness and fatigue
  • Stimulates skin receptors, providing feedback to the brain
  • Provides ankle support, improving balance and reducing postural sway
  • Improves foot clearance, reducing the risk of tripping
  • Is easy to put on and remove
  • Is exceptionally light-weight and fits easily into most shoes
  • Is covered by most insurances

Click here to see a brochure about the Moore Balance Brace.



Additional Tips to Prevent Falling

  • Make your home safer
    • Remove loose items from stairs and walkways
    • Put grab bars next to the toilet and inside the shower
    • Turn staircase lights on before walking up or down the stairs
  • Start a planned and ongoing exercise program
    • Exercise can help improve balance and coordination
    • Ask about exercises that would be best for balance improvement
    • Attend a community fall prevention/ balance improvement workshop
  • Have your vision checked
    • Protect and care for your eyes with a yearly eye exam
  • Visit your primary doctor
    • Review your medications to see if they might be adding to dizziness
  • Pay attention to your feet
  • Wear comfortable, well-fitted shoes with the following characteristics
    • Low heal height for postural balance
    • Thin and firm midsole to optimize foot position and reduce instability
    • Slip resistant outsole for traction
    • Beveled/ flared sole for added side-to-side stability
    • Strap or lace to hold the shoe in place

Act Today!

If you believe you are at increased risk for falling, take action today to improve the chances of staying active and independent. Schedule an appointment in our office for a full evaluation and tailored treatment plan.

*Clinical Biomechanics Dec 2014. An immediate effect of custom-made ankle foot orthoses on postural stability in older adults, Sai V. Yalla, Ryan T. Crews a, Adam E. Fleisher a, Gurtej Grewal b, Jacque Ortiz a, Bijan Najafi