Kudos to the Wife

“I’m so glad my wife made me come in here!”


Sometimes my patients don’t realize how much they need some help until after it’s happened. This particular patient was one of those. Initially he was a compliant but unwilling participant in his health care. It all started when his wife decided she was not fond of her thick, crumbling toenails and came to find out how to improve them. After talking about how fungus is transferred, she started thinking about the condition of her husband’s feet and insisted he come in as well.  Even though he didn’t really care about the appearance of his nails, he conceded to treatment to make his wife happy. What he didn’t realize was that the skin on his feet would also be transformed.  He’s had only minor improvement in his toenails at this point, but he’s absolutely loving his skin.

Many times people think the thick, scaling skin on their feet is caused from not using enough lotion, when the real culprit is a fungal infection in the skin. Without treating the toenails, the skin problem will be chronic. Oral medication to treat the nails, clears the skin simultaneously.

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