Treatment of Foot Pain

Chronic Joint or Soft Tissue Pain: Foot pain is often caused or worsened by incorrect structure of the feet. Orthotic devices may be prescribed to correct the biomechanics of the feet and relieve joint or soft tissue strain. Shoe recommendations are offered as necessary to treat or accommodate foot deformities. Referral to physical therapy may be part of your treatment.

Injection Therapy: More invasive treatments such as cortisone injections are available in the office to reduce inflammation in soft tissue, arthritic or gouty joints, or inflamed nerves.

 Advanced Evaluation Tools: Plantar pressure evaluation gives additional information to direct diagnosis and treatment options. A variety of imaging techniques may be used to evaluate bone structure and alignment. Some foot problems are caused by systemic diseases and laboratory testing may be required for accurate diagnosis.

 Dr. Trotter is known for taking the extra time to educate her patients regarding the underlying condition or deformity that may be affecting their feet and the options available for treatment. Patients frequently comment about how much better informed they are regarding their foot problem after their appointment.