Treatment of Skin and Nails

Thick, fungal toenails: Laboratory testing is frequently performed on the nail unit in order to determine the most effective and appropriate treatment plan. Treatment may include use of topical and/or oral medication. We are also happy to offer the option of the Noveon NaiLaser for increased patient safety during treatment for fungal nails. This can be used in combination with medications, allowing reduced dosing requirements of oral medication, or as an alternative for those unable to take medication.

Ingrown toenails: Painful ingrown nails can be treated with temporary or permanent removal of the affected nail areas with a simple procedure in the office. Post-operative downtime is generally minimal.

Sweaty feet/ Foot odor: If simple hygiene changes do not improve foot odor or control sweating, an infection may be the cause and more advanced products and/or prescription medications may be required.

Skin rash/ Lesions on the feet: We offer standard and advanced treatments for plantar warts and other lesions. In office skin biopsy may also be performed for suspicious skin lesions or rashes that are not improving with appropriate medication. Evaluation of foot function may uncover an underlying biomechanical reason for the presenting skin problem.

KeryFlex: This is a nail restoration product applied in the office that provides a cosmetically pleasing appearance of the toenail while the patient undergoes treatment for various nail problems.

Medical Pedicure: This service is offered in our clinic by our licensed certified medical nail technician who has had advanced training in sterilization techniques and recognition of nail and skin problems that may require referral to a podiatrist. All tools are cleaned in our surgical-grade autoclave. All products that cannot be sterilized are single use.

Dr. Trotter has a special interest in skin and nails and regularly seeks continuing education on this topic. She is a member of the American Society of Podiatric Dermatology.