Using The Portal

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How to Use the Patient Portal on a Desk Top

For the Portal, “New Patient” means you have never created an account on this portal or given any personal information to Complete Family Foot Care office staff previously.

To get started, click the “New Patient – Sign up” button.

Complete the information as requested.

Your birthdate will need to be entered in mmddyyyy format.

A home phone number is required. If you only have a cell phone, enter the cell number in both the cell phone number and the home phone number fields.

Once all data is entered and you click “submit”, an email will be sent to you with your new login information.

After receiving the login information, you will need to go back to the portal login page. You will now follow the steps below for “registered patient login”.

For the Portal, “Registered Patient” means you have at least minimal personal information entered into the chart system for Complete Family Foot Care. You may not have come in for an office visit, but have contacted us in some way.

To get started, click the “Registered Patient – Login” button. You will need your username and password that were sent to you in an email from “donotreply” at the time your demographic information was originally entered into the clinic system.

The username and password are viewed by opening the email attachment. The password to view the attachment is your birthdate in mmddyyyy format. If you do not have access to this email and forgot your password, you can click on “Forgot Password”. If you don’t know your username or your password, click on “Contact Admin”. These options will generate a new email.

You will need to open the email and its attachment as described above. If you do not receive the email within a matter of minutes, check your trash or spam folder. The email is from “” and will have “Complete Family Foot Care” in the signature line.

1. Go to the “Personal Info” tab after logging in. You will now see options along the left side of the screen.

a. Complete all fields under “Basic Details”.

i. If you only have a cell phone, enter the same number in the home phone and cell phone fields. ii. Press “Submit” when finished. This button will appear to do nothing at all. But if you scroll to the top of the screen you will see “Save Successful” at the top.

b. Click on “Emergency Contact” and complete the requested information.

i. Press “Submit” when finished. Again, “Save Successful” will be noted at the top of the screen.

c. “Insurance” tab

i. This will show you what we have on file, but you will not be able to change it. If your insurance does not match what you see on the screen, please call the office to update our information.

d. “Change Password” tab

i. You can reset your password and security question from this screen.

e. “Authorized User” tab

i. IF you would like to enroll someone else to see YOUR patient portal information, complete this screen. Be advised that an authorized user can see everything on the portal that you see. This is entirely OPTIONAL.

ii. If you added someone as an authorized user previously, this tab also allows you to delete their access if you change your mind.

2. Next step is the “Patient Forms” tab. The left hand side will now have the options of “Existing Patient” and “Legal Documents”. Whether you have been seen in the clinic or not, the system considers you an “existing” patient, so don’t fret about the title. Work through the forms as follows:

a. Privacy Policy

i. Even though this is form #4, you will be asked to verify that you’ve read it in form #1. So go ahead and read it now. ii. When finished, click the box on the bottom left of the form then click “submit” followed by “close”. This will save the information and take you back to the list of patient forms.

b. Demographics

i. This is not an editable form. It is simply a summary of what you entered in the Personal Info tab. If the information is incorrect, go back to the Personal Info tab and correct as needed.

ii. Just above the signature box are two small boxes. Click on the boxes to indicate that the information on the form is correct, and to indicate you have had a chance to read the privacy policy.

iii. After checking the boxes, click on the “Click to Sign” box and use your mouse (or finger if you have a touchscreen) to sign. You can clear it and try again if you aren’t satisfied with your signature. But don’t fret. Nobody’s signature looks great with this method! iv. When finished, click “submit” then “close”.

c. Financial Policy

i. Click the box on the bottom left to indicate you’ve read it. ii. Click to sign using your mouse or finger. iii. Click “submit” then “close”.

d. Physical History

i. There are a lot of boxes, but don’t get too overwhelmed. It goes fast. ii. If none of the various problems in a section apply to you, be sure to click the “none” box at the beginning of the section. Otherwise it will appear that you simply didn’t complete the form.

e. After working your way through the questions, click “submit” then “close”.

Congratulations!! You made it!

1. Log in to the portal as previously described.

2. Click on the “Appointment” tab.

3. Describe the reason for your visit.

4. Select the days and time ranges that work for you.

5. Enter a call back number so we can contact you.

6. Click on “Find”.

7. If none of those times works for you, click on the “Find Next” until something pops up that will work.

8. Once you have a time that works, highlight the desired appointment and click “Request Appointment”.

9. The clinic will get a message with your requested time spot and will get back with you to verify the appointment.

1. Log in to the portal as previously described.

2. Click on the “Billing” tab.

3. Click between the tabs on the left to see the desired information.

4. If you want to make a payment, you can click on the “Make a Payment” button on the home page of this website for credit card payments. If you would like to send a check, address it to Complete Family Foot Care, PO Box 67035, Lincoln NE 68506.

1. Log in to the portal as previously described.

2. Click on the “Message Center” tab.

3. You can choose between Inbox, Sent Messages, and Compose on the left side of the screen.

4. Write your message, then click “send”. The page will appear the same, but if you look towards the top there will be a new line with green print that says “Mail has been sent successfully.”

5. You can now safely move to other screens without losing your message.

1. Log in to the portal as previously described.

2. Click on “My Health Record.

3. Tab between the options on the left to review health information on file with the clinic. This includes recent lab tests and x-rays.

1. Log in to the portal as previously described.

2. Click on the “Prescription” tab.

3. Highlight the medication you would like refilled and click “Request”.

How to Use the Patient Portal APP on a Smart Phone

Click on this link to view a very detailed document regarding use of the smartphone app. The clinic ID necessary to log in to the app is 785.